Thursday, August 20, 2015

Panels are on Track!

"I hate verticals!" I hear that from customers at least twice each week! Verticals have been the "go to" treatment for sliding patio doors for years. Like the Avocado Green and Harvest Gold of a generation ago, people remember them as the flimsy plastic vanes from their first apartment and cringe at the thought of putting them into their newly decorated home.

But wait! Practically speaking, they are a great option for families with kids and/or pets. Plus, they are one of the more affordable treatments for an opening of that size. There are many more choices in the present day vertical lines that allow you to enhance rather than detract from the decor in your room.

Still not convinced? Then panel track may be your answer!

Definitely a more contemporary option, panel track can be many different looks - anywhere from prints like the pattern in the photo to neutral solids. Coulisse is a European line exclusive to Eddie Z's in the Chicago area and boasts fashion forward prints and colors unavailable anywhere else. In this customer's space, we were working with greys and mostly solids, as this was right off the kitchen. The fun and unique design added some needed punch to the room! And since there is a young child in the house, messy fingerprints can be easily wiped clean from this practical material.

Panel track fabrics can also coordinate with the windows in your room that demand a horizontal treatment instead of a vertical, because they utilize the same fabrics. Sunscreen fabrics, woven woods and room darkening are other options available in this kind of treatment. A bit pricier than the typical vertical, but still affordable. Worth considering when you are treating those sliders or other large windows, panel track may be your answer to those verticals we love to hate! 

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