Tuesday, June 9, 2015

When Pricey is (K)not a Good Idea

This is the end result of a master bedroom we just completed for a retired couple in Barrington. My photography doesn't do it justice - it's better in person! The wife really wanted green to be her main color in the room, despite the protests of her husband! So to keep them both satisfied, the green could not be too pastel. Nor did they want it too dark. If you've searched for green fabrics recently, you know they currently are not easy to find. Originally, we did find three beautiful choices all within one book. The drapery fabric we chose is Robert Allen Ponderosa Pine/Fountain (and also used in an accent pillow).

Ponderosa Pine/Fountain by Robert Allen

We chose to use the light fabric at the window, over the newly installed wood blinds, to keep the windows light and bright, while using more of the green on the bedspread. More practical, plus more impact visually.

Kilties/Fountain by Robert Allen

Kilties/Fountain is used in two other accent pillows. The customer wanted a throw bedspread, so there were several yards of fabric involved.

Her first choice was:

Knot Along/Dew by Robert Allen

Knot Along/Dew out of the same Robert Allen Color Library book. Beautiful fabric - except for two major challenges - 1. it is 85% linen making it a costly choice and 2. it is 85% linen making it a very wrinkled choice for a bedspread!

I liked the idea of a tack quilting for a fabric of this type, but I needed a more user-friendly and a more budget-friendly choice. 

Using a basic cotton duck from Carole Fabrics (Daydreamer/Chambray) and using a tie tack quilting in a white of the same pattern (Daydreamer/White), we achieved a look that was similar but of a better scale than the original choice. 100% cotton will perform beautifully in both looks and wear and we were able to stay within budget! 

And, both wife AND husband were happy!

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